27/11 Beyond Piazzolla – Argentine Music Showcase

Beyond Piazzolla

Argentine Music Showcase
and networking lunch
(only for concert organizers)

Tuesday the 27th of November 2018
from 12:30 to 14:30
Astor Piazzolla is known as the inventor of modern tango.
But what´s next?
We´d like to introduce you to a new generation of musicians:


Fernando Otero

Pianist, composer and four-times Grammy awarded
Website: www.fernandootero.com
Video: Fernando Otero – Lombard Twins: Sublevados

Sexteto Murgier
Winner of the Tango Orchestras World Competition 2017 in Buenos Aires
led by the most talented composer of the young generation
Website: www.pablomurgier.com/texteto
Video: Sexteto Murgier: Ringuelet
20180424-sonico_group- basement_ high resolution.jpg

Brussels based quintet playing modern tango of composer Eduardo Rovira,
special guest at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival 2018
Website: www.sonicomania.com
Video: SONICO: Taplala

Are you a concert organizer and you are interested to attend?
Contact us at:
tel. (+32) 02 626 0486

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