02/05 Artbase – 1,2 and 3!


Only the three of us,  feat. Eduardo Rovira trio repertory exclusively!
Come and discover SONICO’s youngest spin-off!

In the ’50s tango suffered a creative stagnation that coincided with changes in people’s consumption habits. The music industry, almost entirely in the hands of foreign companies, imposed a policy that prioritized the promotion of American artists as opposed to Argentine artists.
In this context, Eduardo Rovira undertook an aesthetic search in his new compositions but also repositioned the tango so that it could be “consumed” and appreciated as instrumental music.
From 1965 Rovira formed a trio with Rodolfo Alchourrón on electric guitar and Fernando Romano on bass, using this – the typical formation of jazz – in tango. The trio recorded Sonico on Show Records in 1968, and according to Oscar del Priore, who was the producer of the disc “for the first time in the tango a set was recorded in which all the instruments were electronically amplified. Moreover, [Rovira] added a distortion pedal, which allowed him to achieve innovative sound effects. ”

Paula Mesa and Carlos Rosas

Thursday 02/02/19 – 20hr
Entrance 12.5 euros
29, rue des Sables – 1000 Bruxelles




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