24/07 Pietrasanta in Concerto (IT)

13th international classical music festival
Season 2019
artistic director – Michael Guttman

Friday 19 July
Gilles Apap Quartet “The colours of invention” Guest Artist Eric Himy, piano

Saturday 20 July
Berlin Music Fest I – Denis Kozhukhin piano, Jing Zhao cello and friends

Sunday 21 July
Berlin Music Fest II – Guy Braunstein violin, Amihai Grosz viola and friends

Monday 22 July
Vadim Repin violin, Konstantin Lifschitz piano and friends

Tuesday 23 July
Jean-Luc Ponty Quintet « The magic sounds of Ponty’s violin »

Wednesday 24 July
Sonico ! Tango nuevo from Buenos Aires, presenting the music of Eduardo Rovira.

Thursday 25 July
The Virtuosos of Pietrasanta in concerto, Jing Zhao Cello, Ekaterina Astashovaviolin, Brussels Chamber Orchestra

Friday 26 July
Boris Berezovsky and friends « Tradition » !

Saturday 27 July
David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg « From Debussy to John Zorn, MusicalVoyage »

Sunday 28 July
Alexander Kniazev cello, Vanessa Benelli Mosell piano, Michael Guttman violin
“The russian lion of the cello”



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