Crowdfunding SONICO – “Eduardo Rovira: Inedito”

Support the creation of our second album, which explores modern Tango creator Eduardo Rovira recovering 14 unreleased pieces.

What will the crowdfunding be used for?  SONICO recorded, in December 2019, their second album. “Eduardo Rovira: Inedito e Inconcluso” is a self-produced album, funded without the help of a label or record company. We call on your support to carry out this beautiful project and encourage our artistic creation. We need you!

The Brussels based quintet SONICO celebrates the repertoire of the Argentinian composer Eduardo Rovira. Rovira is unjustly thought of as the “other Astor Piazzolla”. This album is the result of an important project of investigation and interpretation that has recovered 14 pieces based on manuscripts and non-commercial recordings.

Our goal is clear: we need to collect € 2000. SONICO needs your help to be able to pay for reproduction (CD/Vinyl) and copyright payments for our album “Eduardo Rovira: Inedito e Inconcluso.
thanks for sharing and supporting!

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  1. Liliana Amelia Marin says:

    Muy buenos.¡Felicitaciones!
    Quisiera saber donde fueron grabadas las interpretaciones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. resina78 says:

      Muchas gracias Liliana Marin!
      El disco fue grabado en la Sala Academica de San – Trudo (Belgica)


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