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Eduardo Rovira: Inedito e Inconcluso

In November 1975, Eduardo Rovira and his Agrupación de Tango Moderno entered a recording studio for the last time. From there, his last LP emerged, Que lo Paren. Few know that Rovira also recorded other material that was never edited or released, leaving behind them both a revolutionary and unknown body of work that deserves to be discovered!
“Eduardo Rovira: Inedito e Inconcluso”, the second album of Brussels based quintet SONICO, it’s unique because it is the first integral recording with unpublished works by the composer of “tango moderno”.
“Eduardo Rovira: Inedito e Inconcluso” was recorded by SONICO in December 2019 at the Academiezaal (Sint-Truiden), which has some of the most interesting acoustics in Belgium.

LP 12″ – “Eduardo Rovira: Inedito” (10 tracks)
EP 7″ – “Eduardo Rovira: Inconcluso” (4 tracks)
CD – “Eduardo Rovira: Inedito e Inconcluso” (14 tracks)

Listen in all legal platforms HERE

LP cover (cropped)

Ivo de Greef piano
Stephen Meyer violin
Camilo Cordoba guitar
Ariel Ebertein double bass
Lysandre Donoso bandoneón

Geert de Deken recording, editing and mixing
Daniel Ovie mastering
Oscar del Priore text
Griet De Cort photography
Alan Ackerman graphic design

Ana Garland prensa

Recorded at Academiezaal, December 2019
De Bogaard: Cultuurcentrum Sint-Truiden (Belgium)

With the support of Flemish Community Commission (Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie)

CD back

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