20/03 Klara Festival 2021

Happy Birthday, Piazzolla! (online event)

On the occasion of Astor Piazzolla’s hundredth birthday, the Brussels tango ensemble SONICO previews its latest album at Klarafestival. Piazzolla – Rovira: The Edge of Tango reconstructs the music of the first avant-garde tango group: Astor Piazzolla’s mythical Octeto Buenos Aires. As the tango nuevo was not a revolution of one, SONICO also performs music by the  Argentine composer Eduardo Rovira and his Octeto La Plata

Sat 20 Mar 2021 20:00 → 22:00
BOZAR/Centre for Fine Arts

You can enjoy the Klarafestival performances in three ways: on the radio, via streaming or on demand. VRT crew will ensure that the audio and video recordings are of the highest quality!

radio Klara will broadcast the entire Klarafestival.

All concerts will be streamed on the Klarafestival website.

All performances can be viewed 24 hours after the premiere on VRT NU or Podium 19.

We hope you enjoy listening and watching! If you’d like to share your concert experiences, use the hashtag #klarafestival21

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