20/03 Klara Festival/BOZAR

Es ist noch nicht alles verloren

At Wuppertal main station, one can read the following words on the facade of the lost property office: “es ist noch nicht alles verloren!” [all is not lost!] With this sentence in mind, we are working during these highly unpredictable times on programming Klarafestival 2021. Multiple scenarios are in play. Each of them focusses on Belgian talent. We hope to offer you in a safe way intense live experiences, but we know that this won’t be easy. Therefore, digital innovation will be of crucial importance.

how does klarafestival 2021 look?

Despite all this positivity, there’s no way of avoiding the fact that the last year has caused unprecedented suffering. Our personal freedom has been restricted, and a great many people have been affected by loss in various ways. This is why, first and foremost, we are planning a cleansing and comforting festival in 2021. Music has the power to comfort, to bring hope where darkness has fallen. Secondly, by selecting a specific repertoire and specific artists, we are focusing on the relationship between man and his environment.   

A festival but coming but it’s still too early to announce a definitive programme. We are working with partners like Klara, BOZAR, Flagey, deSingel and Concertgebouw Bruges on plans for a series of performances from mid-March on. We are also entering into new partnerships, including one with the municipality of Molenbeek, and a great deal will happen online under the banner, “From our festival to your house”. Established names like the Belgian National Orchestra, Brussels Philharmonic, B’Rock and Ictus are working on projects with us which are more exciting than ever, simply because we have to respond to the ever-changing situation day to day.  Klarafestival is also inviting young talent: we will host new ensembles, compositions are being commissioned and partnerships with both Muntpunt and the Passa Porta Festival will lead to exciting crossovers.

We will publish our definitive programme as soon as we can. In the meantime, we wish you a pleasant end to the year, and hope that the words “es ist noch nicht alles verloren” sounds more intensely and hopefully than ever during this period.

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  1. me parece extraordinario este proyecto!!!
    espero ansiosa poder presenciarlo, on line, obvio
    Felicitaciones Sónico !!!!!

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