27/03 Lielais Dzintars (LV)

In the city of Liepāja, the dream of a grand concert hall of its own has been alive for almost a century. The dream materialized at the end of 2015. The new concert hall Great Amber is a regional centre of culture and events, home to the Liepaja Symphony Orchestra, Liepaja Music, Art and Design High School, as well as the concert hall’s manager and event producer – LLC Great Amber.

The concert hall Great Amber comprises eight stories and 14,126 m². It has three concert halls – the Great Hall with 1,000 seats, the Chamber Hall with 200 seats and the Experimental Stage with 120 seats

At the basis of the architectural concept of the concert hall, created by the excellent Austrian architect Prof. Volker Giencke, lies amber – the symbol of Liepāja and the Baltic Sea, as well as the concert hall’s function as a cultural and arts centre. Thus, its architecture is a portrait of music, frozen in time and in amber.

Its acoustics have been created by world leaders in their fields – Prof. Karlheinz Müller of Müller BBM, Germany, and Prof. Christian Bartenbach of Bartenbach, Germany, respectively.The city of

Liepāja is like a lagoon, located between the Baltic Sea and the Liepāja lake. It is the third largest city in Latvia and its capital of music. Seems only natural that it now also has its own „Great Amber” concert hall.

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