First steps
Born 30 April in Lanus (Buenos Aires)
1931 Began the study of music theory, solfège and bandoneon with Francisco Alessio
1934 Debut with the  “la Orquesta Infantil” de Francisco Alessio at the Cafe Germinal
1936 Performed with Vicente Fiorentino at Radio Splendid
1937 Formed his first ensemble: “El Cuarteto Tipico”
1939 First national tour with Florindo Sassone’s orchestra, where he met Osvaldo Manzi
1940 Began to study harmony and counterpoint with Pedro Aguilar until his death
Joined Antonio Rodio’s orchestra
1943 Was a member of Orlando Goñi’s orchestra
1944 He was a member of Miguel Caló’s orchestra
1945 He was a member of Osmar Maderna’s orchestra
1946 Military service, which prevented him from joining Anibal Troilo’s orchestra
1947 Worked together with Juan Esteban Martinez (Pirincho) and lived in Montevideo
1948 Led the Alberto Castillo orchestra until 1951. He recorded albums and films
1951 Worked as a pianist in Roberto Caló’s orchestra.
1952 Started his own orchestra (14 musicians). They performed on Radio Splendid

Eduardo Rovira, age 25

Before the avant-garde
1953 Took his only international trip to Portugal and Spain with his own orchestra
1954 He went to France in an unsuccessful attempt to study in Paris
1955 Returned to Argentina and played in the Malerba orchestra
1956 Was a member of Alfredo Gobbi’s orchestra and recorded the Engobbiao
1957 Recordings of own orchestra together with Alfredo del Rio
1958 Released single ‘Madre de los cabellos de plata’ with Jorge Hidalgo and José Berón

Orquesta Argentina_E Rovira_Azul
Spain-Portugal 1954-1955, Eduardo Rovira at the piano

The other avant-garde
1959 Played  in Osvaldo Manzi’s orchestra where he worked with Reynaldo Nichele
-Worked as an arranger for Octeto La Plata
-Formed ‘Los Cuatro/El Grupo’ with Osvaldo Manzi, Kicho Diaz, and Nelly Vazques
1960 Eduardo Parula became his promoter,  with the “Circulo Amigos del Buen Tango”
-Formed the group ‘Agrupacion de Tango Moderno’ (ATM) until 1967
1961 December: first presentation of ATM at the Faculty of Medicine
-LP “Tango en una Nueva Dimension” Label Microfón.
1962 June: Aula Magna of the Faculty of Medicine – performance of Suite Buenos Aires
– LP “Suite Tango Buenos Aires” Opus 4. Label Microfón 32/33
1963 December: presentation of the album Tango Vanguardia in Teatro Santa Maria
-LP “Tango Vanguardia”. Label Microfón
1964 Eduardo Parula died and Rovira co-founded ‘Gente de Tango’
-LP (Single) Circulo Amigos del Buen Tango. Label Microfón – Various composers
-Started working in Caño 14 of Atilio Stampone
1965 Inaugurated Juan ‘Tata’ Cedron’s venue, Gotán.
-LP “Tango de Etiqueta” with Reynaldo Nichele and his ATM. Label Microfón.
-27 September and 5 October: poetry-music performances together with Luis Luchi.
1966 8 March: ‘Noche del Encuentro’, Piazzolla and Rovira performed together in Gotán.
-Was awarded the prize ‘Honor de Bellas Artes’ for his Second Symphony Concertante
-21 July: opened his own tango venue ‘Tango 66’ –  27 October: ‘Tango 66’ closed down
-25 September: première of ‘Concierto Opus 20 Nr.1 para Oboe y Cuerdas’
-LP “Tango en la Universidad”. Label Edul.
-EP “A Roberto Arlt”, Label La Rosa Blindada.
-EP “Susana Rinaldi canta en el estilo de Eduardo Rovira”. Label Madrigal.
-EP “Tango de Música a lo lejos” with Luis Luchi. Label Gente de Buenos Aires

E ROVIRA y familia en MARPLA
Eduardo Rovira in Mar del Plata, Argentina

His last years
1967 Began to work as an arranger with the police band of the province of Buenos Aires
-EP “Atencion de Quimica Argentina”
-LP “Sonico”. Label Records, producer Oscar del Priore.
1969 Settled in the city of La Plata
– First prize from the city council of Buenos Aires for “twenty preludes Intersemitonales”
1971 Moved to Tolosa, La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires
1973 Director of the “Teatro Argentino de la Plata”
-EP “Todo con cuerda”, by Alberto Epelbaum, arrangements of Eduardo Rovira
1975 recorded his last LP “Que lo Paren”. Label Global
1979 24 November: last concert in the city of Azul
1980 29 July: He died in Tolosa (La Plata)