“There are some who deny that what we do is tango; for us, tango is the starting point” Eduardo Rovira

Astor Piazzolla is known as the inventor of modern tango. But is this true? Was Piazzolla the only figure of this movement, or were there others? the Brussels based group SONICO celebrates the repertoire of the unjustly forgotten Argentinian composer Eduardo Rovira. Rovira is thought of as the “other Piazzolla” because of his fundamental role in the creation of the “tango nuevo” during the Buenos Aires avant-garde in the early 50’s.

Eduardo Rovira is an extremely different musician from Piazzolla. While both creative searches were connected to the past, they ultimately followed different paths. SONICO shows that Rovira’s emotional spectrum is varied, ranging from extreme passion and intense lyricism to languid calm. By experiencing and trying to understand Rovira’s style, the listener will discover the very essence of tango music.

Very few musicians have taken as much risk and crossed as many borders as Eduardo Rovira. His innovations in tango let even Astor Piazzolla to say “there was a time that Rovira was more revolutionary than me.” He suffered – like Astor – from the indifference of the general tango public at a time when the decline of the music of Buenos Aires as the favorite of the masses started at the hands of a giant wave of styles that changed the culture not only in Buenos Aires but also around the world. However, his work was like a gem ready to be discovered and to astonish those who have the same curiosity and nonconformity of the so established.

 by Carlos Rosa, journalist



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